1 cell

The Solar solution of choice for higher DNI regions.

Fullsun’s HCPV solar technology is fully scalable, offering power solutions from the small scale upwards from 5kW for mobile off grid applications, commercial and industrial rooftop power plants through to major utility installations of many hundreds of MW.

Commercial and Industrial rooftop

Our HCPV solar module is extremely light weight and very thin (as thin as silicon plate modules) which is ideal for maximising power generation from commercial and industrial roof tops. By utilising the greater power generation of our HCPV technology we can deliver a powerful and cost effective solution for commercial and industrial roof tops where energy demands are high and space is limited.


Designed to meet the rigorous demands of reliability and performance required by power generators, Fullsun modules offer consistent energy output throughout the day. Generally sited in hot dry environments where water is a precious resource, solar plants powered by Fullsun HCPV modules require no water. Our technology also makes more efficient use of land even allowing for dual use.


The Fullsun module is extremely lightweight and portable making it easy to transport to remote areas. Having the highest power to weight ratio of any solar module makes the Fullsun module attractive in mobile applications where transport is difficult.